Creative Ideas and Steps for Great Car Photography

Car photography can be very exciting and it offers opportunities to be very creative. Some people may shy away from car photography simply because they don’t know what they should do. Today, I would like to share a few ideas and steps with you. They will help you understand how to plan your car photograph and what things will improve your shots.

1. Location

You can choose from a variety of locations. Decide whether you want a natural setting, an unusual background, or a studio feel. This will determine where you can start looking for the perfect location. Always remember that the location should complement the car and steal away its limelight.

2. Lighting

Natural lighting is usually the best option and will give you great results. To get the best shots, most photographers advise the best time to shoot a car is during the minutes before sunrise or the minutes after sunset. Artificial lighting can also create great effects if done well. Use flashlights, lamps, flashguns, or whatever else your budget allows and set them up to light certain aspects of the car and at certain angles. Take test shots until you get what you want.

3. Angles

Once you have the perfect location and you have figured out your lighting preferences, you can play around with angles. Different angles will highlight or emphasise different features of the car. They will also create different feelings. Shooting from ground level creates a menacing look while shooting from the front or top will create different feels. Play around with different angles, use your tripod, and get high and low to find the best shot.

4. Design Features

You should have a few full body and different angled photographs by this point. To further build your portfolio, try some shots that focus on the design features of the car. After looking at the car from different angles, you should know it pretty well. Take some shots of details like the shapes, lines, manufacturers badges, grills, and other design features.

The last thing to do is take some interior shots to round of the collection. Follow these steps and tips to get started on an awesome car photography portfolio.