Tips for Getting Your Photographs Noticed

Photography is something that many people enjoy but so many talented photographers go undiscovered because no-one gets to see what they can do. If you would like to get your pictures noticed and potentially open some great doors for yourself, follow these simple tips. There is no guarantee that you will be successful or that someone will give you a job opportunity, but you should share your art with the world.

To get your pictures noticed, try this:

Share your photos on websites. It doesn’t have to be a photography-related site. In fact, non-photography-related sites might be a better option. Find websites that would be interested in sharing your work. Approach blogs or websites that can make use of the type of pictures you take.

Use Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a service where you can copyright your work but still allow other people to share it on social media or use it on their websites. License your images under Creative Commons to keep you safe and you will see an increase in sharing and using of your pictures.

Create your own Blurp book. The Blurp book is a portfolio of your photographs online. It is very handy as everything is in one place and easy to access. You can show it to clients when you meet them or your friends and family.

Carry business cards for your website. Create a website where you showcase your photographs and make business cards for it. This way, you can give people who are interested a card and they can check it out. No need for them to try and remember the address and they are much more likely to actually remember to visit the site if they have a card.

Make your pictures useful. Find ways in which people can use your pictures. There are so many possibilities that can include wallpapers, home décor, canvases, etc. If people can use it, they will be more likely to share or buy it.

The last tip is to use social media as best you can. You can get a lot of great exposure and reactions on your photographs through using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc.